optical fiber HIKIFUNE, Co. Ltd. We are professional plating company who provides high quality products
all made in Japan. Metallizing on Fiber Optics, Fiber Array,
Feed Through and more.


optical fiber The plating is one of a chemical metalworking technology not a physical metalworking technology like a cutting, a pressing and a casting process. Ingredients of plating solutions are easily affected by environments because the plating technology depends on human skills in comparison to the mechanized processing technology. Thus, it is said the plating corresponds to an uncontrollable special process with the requirements of ISO9001.
As much as the production process depends on the human skill, it becomes difficult to keep the quality stabled. We approach this difficult matter with the following three themes.

 1. Mechanize the processes as much as possible
 2. Enhance individual skill and analyze it, then share it as a technique.
 3. Analyze an influence on the factor of the processing solution, and manage to minimize it

We acquired ISO9001 in 1999.